Best Romantic Places to visit for Honeymoon in March/April

Are you wondering when to go where for the best honeymoon experience in March or April? Although weather is especially variable in early spring, and higher elevations are cooler than low-lying areas, the odds are you will find comfortable weather during your honeymoon visiting:


Springtime is primetime for romance in the American South, both in its eastern and western states. The heat is tolerable and the crowds are thinner than at other times of the year.

Southwest US States of Romance

Yes, it’s a “dry heat” — but when the mercury soars past 90, it’s uncomfortable in the sun. So consider visiting these destinations while it’s still mild.

  • Las Vegas – always fun for couples, with plenty to see, do, eat and shop for
  • Arizona – like golf and spas? This is the place for them

The “High” Southwest

Due to the elevation of these cities, March and April may be cool when you visit and there still may be snow in the nearby mountains. So you can combine a ski honeymoon with a city celebration!

  • Denver – now that the sale and use of recreational marijuana is legal in Colorado, couples are intoxicated with the idea of spending time here
  • Santa Fe – with construction height limited to three stories, from virtually every rise there’s an unobstructed view of the sky and, to the northeast, the Sangre de Cristo mountains

Southeast US States of Romance

Summers down south are generally sweltering, with the humidity in the states along the Atlantic seaboard making it downright uncomfortable to spend a honeymoon here and stay outside when the temperature rises. But spring is gorgeous, with the temperature moderate. That’s when flowers and gardens burst into bloom and everyone feels in love with love.

  • Washington, DC – see the nation’s capital before summer’s swelter
  • Asheville, NC – a cool, laidback town with a unique attraction
  • Virginia – from Williamsburg to wineries, the rolling hills of Virginia roll out the red carpet
  • Georgia – it’s peachy here, and the gardens are grand
  • New Orleans – music, flavorful cuisine and much more


  • Caribbean – it’s high season in the islands until April 15, when prices go down
  • Belize – this small Central American country has captured the heart of many millennials
  • South America – Argentina, Peru (where Machu Piccu rises), Uruguay and Ecuador (which includes the Galapagos Islands) are all south of the equator, where the seasons are reversed
  • Mexico – coast to coast, Mexico offers honeymoon couples romantic resorts, history-rich cities, great beaches, spicy cuisine and tequila and cerveza galore


  • Fiji – how far are you willing to travel for your honeymoon? If you have plenty of time and plenty of cash, Fiji is a fantasy getaway
  • Tahiti – among the French Polynesian islands, Tahiti is the best known. Consider staying in a romantic overwater bungalow or traveling through this region via cruise, where you can see many of the beautiful beaches
  • Australia – make sophisticated Sydney your first stop in exploring this fascinating continent, mate
  • New Zealand – halfway around the world, this is one of the planet’s least-crowded places and it’s spectacularly beautiful

    Sure Things

    • Year-round, the weather’s just about perfect in Hawaii, which is why it’s perennially named the no. 1 honeymoon destination.
    • Somewhere around the world, every month of the year, a cruise ship is sailing some place wonderful.

    Beat the Crowds

    Hit Europe before masses of tourists arrive for the summer. Although weather can be unpredictable, as long as you’re prepared for it, you’ll find plenty to do and see in major cities.

    See the Tulips in Bloom – Consider a romantic cruise through the Netherlands that starts and ends in Amsterdam. March and April are prime time for the annual floral extravaganza.

    Not the Best Time to Visit on a Honeymoon

    • It’s cold and it’s rainy in New England and the Northeast US in early spring. If a late snowstorm doesn’t get you, mud season may.
    • Spring means spring break – and there are certain places adults will want to avoid.