New iPhone X Leak Reveals A Trapped And Scared Apple

The latest leaks around Apple’s new iPhones reveal very little has changed in the twelve months since the launch of the iPhone X. Has Apple’s financial success scared away its ability to innovate?

The sheer volume of iPhones that need to be ready ahead of the launch and release date of Apple’s latest smartphone means that it is almost impossible to hold back on any hardware secrets before the expected launch on September 12th. Throw in Apple’s tendency to double down on the lack of secrecy with the open beta of iOS 12, and the geekerati can get a good picture of the new family long before the reveal.

Tim Cook, chief executive officer of Apple, checks his iPhone during the annual Allen & Company Sun Valley Conference (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

So the details from Mark Gurman and Debby Wu at Bloomberg should come as no surprise. Indeed they match up with details previously leaked, and allow us to focus in more detail on Apple’s approach to the iPhone this year.

And those details show an Apple that has sidestepped any major innovation or change, instead relying on incremental updates to the iPhone that are certainly welcome, but in many cases still fall short of the options being offered by the Android-powered competition.

As expected, Apple will be updating last year’s iPhone X with faster chips, potentially more memory, and more of the same. A phablet sized iPhone Plus with a 6.5 inch screen will be released, and this is expected to be the only unit to offer dual-SIM support (in a subset of countries) and faster wireless charging. Plus a ‘cheaper’ device with a 6.1 inch LCD screen that could replace the iPhone 8 or be an entry-level iPhone SE 2.